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Our methodology is designed to unleash people’s potential and produce results beyond what currently looks possible — for leaders, teams and organizations.
  • Breakthrough thinking
  • Whole brain thinking
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Coaching for performance
  • Learn, practice, apply
  • Quantitative and qualitative research
  • Business best practices

The Candeo Process

Based on more than 20 years of research and working with clients, the following six factors for high-performing organizations have formed the basis of our proven process:

Connection: The level at which people are connected gives a sense of fulfillment and enjoyment at work, as well as increasing how fast work gets done. Likewise, low levels of connection will show up as dissatisfaction, lack of enjoyment and slower results.

Accountability: One of the biggest barriers to people being accountable is the lack of clarity about what the desired result is. Either the scoreboard isn’t visible or it’s too complicated. When people are clear about the results, they’re in action to produce them. A high level of accountability leads to consistency of results being produced.

Collaboration: A collaborative environment fosters a combination of being connected and being accountable for results, where every team member’s set of thinking is valued. Working collaboratively may take longer at the front end, but saves time in re-work. The impact of having multiple points of view leads to better decision-making and higher quality results.

Purpose: People’s level of connection to a sense of purpose results in the feeling of making a difference, which is a core need of every human being. It is a motivator for people to go above and beyond the normal task and is a personally intrinsic reward beyond any monetary compensation. Organizations where people have a high sense of purpose typically have very low turnover rates.

Courage: Breakthrough performance requires an environment where people are free to take risk and try something new in service of producing a new level of result. It takes courage to go for something you don’t know how to do! Like “Freedom of Self Expression,” it takes a certain type of leadership to create the kind of culture where these actions are encouraged without fear of failure.

Authenticity: A culture that fosters freedom of self-expression requires leaders that are willing to do things differently, try something new and hear different points of view. At an organizational level, this becomes a leadership imperative for diversity and inclusion. The business impact of this type of culture results in an environment rich in innovation and creativity.

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